1 One-Day Juice Cleanse (Detox)
1 One-Day Juice Cleanse (Detox)
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1 One-Day Juice Cleanse (Detox)

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1 wellness shot (4oz)
5 cold-pressed juices (17oz)
1 homemade vanilla almond milk (17oz)

PLEASE PRE ORDER AT LEAST 24 HRS PRIOR PICK-UP,                                                                                         OR SCHEDULE A DIFFERENT PICKUP DAY, SEND US A WHATSAPP 956-667-5300

There are numerous benefits of a juice cleanse for the body, mind, and overall wellbeing. Some of the benefits of doing a 1-3 or more day juice cleanse periodically are:
Reduces inflammation, boosts energy, greater flexibility, improves heart health, provides the nutrients the body needs to work properly. It cleanses the body from toxins, it gives the liver and digestive system time to detox. 
When you stop consuming solid food you allow your digestive system to rest from the exhausting task of breaking down food. Your body will utilize the energy that would normally be used for digestion to heal the body. The nutrients i. The juice help to cleanse, repair, & regenerate the entire body. Fasting is a natural spiritual, emotional, & physical healer.
Juice Cleanses are not recommended for elderly, pregnant, or people with a weakened immune system.

Keep a positive attitude, enjoy your juices & happy detoxing! 


- Please let us know if you won’t be able to pickup your order on the scheduled pickup day, because juices have an expiration date, that way we can sell that order the same day it was made, reschedule and remake your order another day.
- To be able to reschedule a pickup date or receive store credit, please let us know no more than 2 hrs after we send you an "order ready" message or call.
-No refunds or exchanges on juices, shots, milks, or sea moss gel orders are available for forgotten orders.
-WARNING: This product is not pasteurized and therefore may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.